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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 20, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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a drive-by shooting at a liquor store on the south side leaves 2 people dead and five teenagers entered ... good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>the cook county medical examiner has identified the two men killed ... if 14 year-old boy shot in the estimate remains at comer children's hospital police have not made any arrests as of yet ... >>another man recalled hearing
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seven shots up paws and then four or five rounds outside of the budget liquor store ... there are a makeshift memorial marking the spot in front of the store where the killings took place in gage vehicle pulled up at east 79th street ... and someone began shooting both men were shot in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene the teenage boys wanted range from 13-16 years old those boys are in fair to good condition with the exception of the boy shot in the stomach here ed comer children's hospital >>we just saw him he looked so nice yesterday ... i used to buy cigarettes from him in the morning ... i mean ... oh wow
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... >>just after this incident another boy was shot in a leg in an alleyway brought also to children's, hospital ... but those to incidents are unrelated according to police and playing ice hockey on a pond in north suburban mchenry township died after falling through the ice the 47 year-old father was playing with his son on the frozen pond behind his home in johnsburg at about 6:00 last night fire department divers searched for about 30 minutes before they found him beneath the ice he was airlifted to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead his son was not injured his sister described him as a fun-loving hard-working family man he died being a father >>another chicago area child has
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been hit by falling television set or were police say that the television fell from a bookshelf and struck a four year-old girl yesterday the chiles uncle was babysitting he told police that he stepped out of the room to attend to the other children in his care that little girl was taken to rush-copley medical center where a ct scan found no pattern apparent fractures as a precaution to transfer to lutheran general for observation and is currently in condition >>a chicago sanitation worker has been charged with trying to carry a loaded gun onto a plane at midway airport as 51 year-old willie thomas said his laptop bags through a scanner saturday security agents discovered a beretta pistol with eight live rounds thomas was not allowed to board his flight to atlanta instead he was arrested he has a valid state firearm card but he said that he would never intentionally try to take any
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gone onto a plane >>a nationwide historic medical event changed the lives of two chicago-area people the chain of transplants involved 30 kidneys from living donors across the country a woman of west chicago and a man of joliet were numbers 12 and 30 respectively and history making kidney transplant chain their procedures were performed last year at toyotaloyola medical center in maywood the to say that their transplants were a success and they feel better than ever >>a transplant chain was part of a new kidney match program developed by the national kidney registry doctors believe that the program could save 30% more lives every year >>gov. pat quinn warns that without major spending cuts the state health care system for the poor could collapse he will call for big cuts in medicaid spending when he delivers his annual budget message later this
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week tonya francisco's live at the illinois hospital association headquarters in naperville ... >>the association is sounding the alarm about these medicaid cuts saying they could lead to the loss of thousands of health care jobs and what it calls health deserts' >>we are concerned that this level of cuts could be thought about at the state level the president and ceo of the illinois hospital association expresses her concern about these cuts by the governor ... which could include payment rates from doctors pharmacies and hospitals and the cutting back on services ... she said the state health care system for the poor could collapse >>the deep cuts could also lead to the loss of as many as 19,000
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health care jobs >>we are willing to work with the government we have always been saying that the needs to be a thoughtful and planned approach over number of years ... >>and that is what mary jane worth proposes a phased in plan over years rather than the governor's plan which would take effect july 1st >>lt. governor sheila simon already has plans for a smaller budget. her office said it will cut its budget by over 9% next fiscal year. she said that she will eliminate three positions and have four senior staff tech for unpaid furlough days the secretary of state's office said it's considering reducing its budget by 9% the state attorney general the treasurer and comptroller have not commented >>tomorrow is the last day to register to vote if you want to
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cast a ballot in next month's primaries you can drop off your voter registration form for nine until five tomorrow and today at the chicago election board office that is located at 69 west washington on the sixth floor tomorrow the office will be open until midnight you can also register to vote at any drivers license facility we have more coming up at noon ... please stay with us we will be right back when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief? try bayer advanced aspirin. it's not the bayer aspirin you know. it's different.'s been re-engineered with micro-particles. second, it enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. the best part?
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popular ski resort in washington state. the men were among about a dozen skiers yesterday in and
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out of bounds area at stevens pass on 19 in. of fresh heavy snow. for at some point according to sheriff's officials the 12 were buried in the snow. most of them managed to dig themselves out and then they tried to help the others >>for three skiers are suffering from medical issues they began cpr and the or unable to resuscitate them ... the northwest avalanche center has issued a high avalanche danger for that area a snowboard er was also killed at an avalanche and another resort 20 mi. away in the same downrange three italian soldiers died in a car crashed in western afghanistan today a convoy of a
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tie-in forces in u.s. aid workers were going to survey a damn earlier this morning nato confirmed the deaths but have not provided further details >>un inspectors are back in iran to discuss the country's growing nuclear program. the team arrived in tehran today for the second visit of its kind in three weeks the highest priority is to gauge the military dimensions of the iranian nuclear program suspicions remain that iran is developing a nuclear weapon iran denies this and says that it is producing uranium to fuel civilian power >>i ran is retaliating for upcoming european economic sanctions by cutting its oil exports to england and to france new tighter economic restrictions are meant to force iran to reveal more information about the size and purpose of its controversial nuclear program british and french oil companies are already lining up alternative crude oil suppliers said the impact of the boycott will be minimal iran plans to
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sell more of its crude to china and to india. >>all the elements for a second bailout package that could save greece from bankruptcy appear to be in place as finance ministers meet to vote in brussels today are testers and athens are furious about some deep cuts in government spending that are required to secure help from the european union without those cuts and the new bailout greece will default on its debt next month she economists say it could be a dictator more before greece resolve its economic problems the bailout package totalled some $170 billion ... rick santorum has ever taken mitt romney to move into the lead in the republican presidential race and the latest gallup tracking poll 36 percent of republicans and republican leaning independence now support rick santorum >>it's about some funny idea
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some phony theology a different theology not based on the bible ... >>in an interview sunday rick santorum said he was referring to the radical environmentalism of president obama not that he said he was not a christian >>scientists think it could change the way we eat meat a look at the first test-tube hamburger is coming up next >>and we are also making salmon tartare in the [ woman ] i was living
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at one goal each still tied with seven minutes left in dave bolland centered a pass that went off of a blues defenseman skate and into the net marian hossa with at an empty net shot and the hawks 13-1/5 they are off today and they played detroit tomorrow >>we learned a lot we brought some of those lessons into tonight's game it's only one game so we have to keep this winning streak playing the right way and using everything we have learned >>derrick rose is still a game time decision but coach thibodeau said that the back showed signs of progress at practice yesterday derrick rose has missed five straight games. the chicago bulls are 3-2 without him during that stretch the bulls will be playing hawkes this afternoon and then one more game before the all-
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star break >>the new cubs manager dale sveum em announced that its officially baseball season after running his first workout of spring training the cubs pitchers and catchers reported to camp yesterday they spent a lot of time working on fundamentals like the pitchers' fielding practice something they will do throughout the season according to their coach the white sox open camp later this week >>jeremy lin is making a personal appeal to the media and taiwan to respect his family's privacy he was raised in northern california but his grandmother in some extended family still live in taiwan he said they can't leave their homes to go to work without being followed by reporters >>if you are looking for a job the for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include
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we want to wish tom skilling of very happy birthday today ... >>who thought turning 60 years old would be this much fun ... i don't feel any different from the rest of them i want to thank you ... we are pisces so happy birthday to all my fellow the zodiac signs ... we're looking at sunshine in the area often the steering winds will blow changes ahead of the storm that produces these conditions
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tomorrow we will have a mix of rain and snow the next front will be thursday ... for the moment it is beautiful and sunny here in chicago what is amazing we have only nine days left of the meteorological winter that commences december 1st running through february and the spring technically begins in march the days are getting longer we have more than 90 additional minutes of daylight and sunshine every day december 21st is the shortest day of the year ... and the sun is two and half times stronger than it was just a couple of months ago so things don't feel as cold outside as the thermometer would indicate >>we're looking at to weather systems coming from the west there are a host of advisories' for the first one in the plains states and the cold arctic air
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is continued bottled in canada ... we feel like 35 degrees out there with the wind chill factor ... we will get into the mid-40s ahead of the approaching weather system for tomorrow morning we are still five degrees warmer than we were 25 4 hours ago ... we have moderately cool air that will follow the system we get tomorrow the wind is blowing from the southeasterly direction ... we are beginning to plot wind gusts on the local map: there are all kinds of advisory's for wind and the plains states this afternoon >>
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temperatures are mild in spite of these gusty conditions it is 41 degrees at o'hare still above normal temperatures 39 degrees at midway it's a beautiful day across the chicago metro area ... but the moisture is hitting ask coming weather system ... this is the three-dimensional look at the storm that's coming ... there will be some downpours and that will tangle with the spinning jet stream so out of the planes you will see some severe weather warnings their winter weather advisories in the dakotas as well
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there are red flag warnings down in texas and oklahoma because of fire hazards with wind and there are snow advisory's and winter weather advisories to the west ... we're looking at wet snow in the morning mixed with rain ... this is the seventh consecutive above normal temperature day ... we are running at a 6 degree surplus in temperatures for this season ... it's not a bad day today at all but the clouds will thicken overnight the rain will began on the north side on the west and at about 1:00 in the morning and it will spread into the chicago area mostly in the north half of
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the city ... during the day tomorrow we will alternate between light snow and light rain ... there may be one or 2 in. of accumulation on the northern side of the city and suburbs but that will dissipate quickly the wind will be turning westerly during the day tomorrow. the next weather system is coming in from the west and the north on thursday and the wind will be really formidable ... maybe up to 50
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mi. an hour on the backside of the system from the northwest ... so the story this week is a lot of wind coming to chicago ... the classic thickening as the afternoon wears on the high temperature this afternoon will be 45 degrees. rain and snow will develop overnight and tomorrow snow in the northern half of this city rain and the southern half of the city ... >>there's a musical interruptions ... >>[music: happy birthday to
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you.. tom skilling] >>wacoal look at this you are all wonderful all of my wgn colleagues! i did not know you had all of this planned ... thank you guys it's so nice it's so special avenue wall here and look at this beautiful cake ... its the city of chicago and all of those great sports teams and there's a weather map on top!
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and that ribbon is made of beautiful blue icing it's just stunning and here is the wgn logo ... speaking of weather maps you've been looking at them since the age of 14 tom ... look at this picture ... >>nearly 14 years old and the picture but you look like you're about 30 theirere! and check out that three piece suit >>the horrible thing about life in this business you have a photographic record of your visible demise ... >>that's the one and only time i ever wore a dress ... oh my
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word! i had forgotten about that ... >>didn't we have fun ... and we won some amis! what a great showemmys ! what a great show >>you are so hard working time in that weather office morning noon and night ... >>i am just beyond words i did not expect this today i am looking at jim our assistant
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news director ... >>tom skilling it has been a pleasure ... >>[applause and singing... happy birthday dear tom!]
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or heart attack. researchers report older people who drank diet soda every day and were 44 percent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. that compares with a 22 percent increased risk among people who rarely or never drank soda but did have part attacks or strokes the researchers caution that it's an association and their study does not prove sugarfree drinks alone are to blame this a people who drink diet soda every day tended to be heavier and more often have risk factors such as high blood pressure diabetes and unhealthy cholesterol >>the fda is investigating whether a new inhalable caffeine product is safe the arrow shot is a lipstick sized a canister
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each spray contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee fda officials are worried that the arrow shot could easily be abused especially by children the makers of the aero-shot say that the product is not marketed to anyone younger than 18 years old >>keep those tissues handy flu season is finally here the centers for disease control and prevention said that this year's flu season is off to its latest start since 1987 the cdc has seen big increases in flu cases in california and missouri over the past couple of weeks doctor say flu season usually peaks in december and january so if you received a flu shot last fall you are fine if he did i'm a marathon
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he's my success story. [ laughs ] breast cancer herorganization and paramount advance is here with us today the seventh annual tickled pink event which benefits the organization is happening ... the tickled pink event takes place next friday at the river east arts center in chicago ... today we are making salmon tartare ... you want to take some high-grade
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salmon along with sesame oil and follow a whileolive oil and shallots and capers.. add scallions and lime juice and lime zest and some chives and a touch of soy sauce and chili paste and salt and pepper.. keep stirring the
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dressing.. this is a savory cone make of sesame... we fill this with the dressed salmon, c reme fraiche and a topper of some to to caviar.. and this is a wonderful for a great organization it's for people who need help that have just been diagnosed with breast cancer it's a hot line that
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operates in multiple languages and you are able to get on the phone with a survivor ... it gives you a sense of hope ... >>you are so terrific bringing your friends together to donate ... so the entire proceeds from the ticket sales for this event go toward the organization >>yes all of my friends over the years have donated everything to stage the event right down to the restaurant itself so you know that the proceeds will not go toward the event but rather to the organization directly
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>>and you are moving to a bigger and better venue it will be a huge celebration of life and helping others afflicted with this cancer >>we have 700 tickets sold and weekend double the capacity ... we have lots of personalities here from wgn involved a long list of people who volunteer for this great cause you need to buy the tickets in advance it will be held at the river east arts center in chicago 7:00 p.m. until midnight tickets will be $75 and those proceeds will benefit the y-me national breast cancer organizations
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we have a contest to tell you about ... you can and turn out to win a pair of tickets to thursday's chicago live performance. it is a live stage and radio show from chicago tribune and the second city you can enter a >>we have a gorgeous february day here with a low pressure system approaching ... there will be mixed rain and snow on all off and on tomorrow and another front will reach us by thursday this will be marked with a lot of wind gusts this week if you are heading north and west of chicago you will see a larger look upof where the
12:56 pm
snow will land ... as the week continues we will have colder air coming and ... there is a bit low pressure system approaching from canada friday and saturday it will be rather chilly around here ... below 33 degrees overnight tonight with that mix of snow and rain happening tomorrow night will remain cool and 40 degrees wednesday ... thursday we have another system coming and 38 degrees we will be in the low '30's upper 20s over the weekend with that cold air blowing ... these storms are
12:57 pm
lined up marching across the country and quickly leaving ... >>happy birthday t u tom skilling have a wonderful day ... that's a magnificent birthday tcake and i think you ... thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon we will leave you with more music from the chicago- based fifth house ensemble ...
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